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How i Learnt to Love Cooking

Hello! My name is Roland and this is my cookery blog. For a very long time, I didn't really think about cooking. At home, my wife did all of the food preparation and at work, I would often buy pre-prepared food from a local shop. All that changed when my friend invited me to an evening cookery class for beginners. i thought i would hate it but, the true is, I loved every minute of it. I learnt so much cool stuff that I decided to start a blog to explore all of the new skills and knowledge I have picked up.


How You Can Ease Your Joint Pain With Supplements

25 March 2021
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Joint pain is a very common issue that people across Australia have to live with, particularly those with old sporting injuries or sufferers from arthritis. It can sometimes feel like you are trapped in a slowly decaying body, but that will only become a reality if you do nothing to stop it! Luckily, there are many treatment paths for people who suffer from joint pain, from mild to extremely serious symptoms. Read More …