4 Questions To Ask Your Caterer

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4 Questions To Ask Your Caterer

21 March 2022
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Catering services make it easy to plan your wedding, birthday party or engagement. Typically, the caterer cooks and serves food, thus allowing you to engage with guests and enjoy the party. Most people often second-guess when hiring caterers. The excerpt below is an interview guide to help you choose a caterer. Hopefully, it will reduce the stress of finding a suitable caterer for your event. 

1. Have You Catered At A Similar Event?

The caterer's experience is a significant concern since you want to work with highly skilled and well-organised professionals. Most caterers have a portfolio of events that have catered. Consult their previous clients and inquire if they enjoyed the caterer's food and services. You would be concerned with the quality of food served, the caterer's time consciousness, the professionalism of the servers and how guests reviewed the caterer's food. Positive reviews are a guarantee that the caterer offers excellent services. 

2. How Will Your Prepare For The Event?

Catering activities begin a few days before the event. Below are a few ways that caterers prepare; 

  • Visiting the event venue to determine the seating arrangements and the availability of essential amenities such as power, water and gas. It helps them establish a suitable method of service and the amenities required inside the catering tent.
  • Organising a menu tasting to give you a glimpse of what they intend to serve. It allows you to rate the caterer's food and suggest changes before the event day.
  • Preparing complex meals that cannot be prepared on the event day. They include brownies, cakes, meats and desserts.
  • Working with the staff at the event to ensure the catering team has an easy time working. For instance, they could ask them to set the tables and entertainment equipment a distance away from the catering area to avoid disruptions as they work.   

3. What Menu Would You Suggest? 

It is usual for clients to have a menu in mind. However, your caterer's input can significantly affect the outcome of your event. For instance, the caterer could examine the guests' demographics to establish a suitable menu. For example, the caterer could suggest soft foods for the elderly and finger foods for the kids. Moreover, they could use simple ingredients to create sophisticated dishes that your guests have not had in the past. 

4. What Are Your Terms? 

One of your concerns would be the caterer's availability on the big day. For example, if the caterer is only available till late in the afternoon, you might need another caterer to serve food in the evening. The best approach is to provide the caterer with the day's program to ensure they know how many hours the event will last. Moreover, ask the caterer for a quote to establish if their pricing is within your budget. If not, you could adjust the menu to reduce the catering costs.