How You Can Ease Your Joint Pain With Supplements

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How You Can Ease Your Joint Pain With Supplements

25 March 2021
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Joint pain is a very common issue that people across Australia have to live with, particularly those with old sporting injuries or sufferers from arthritis. It can sometimes feel like you are trapped in a slowly decaying body, but that will only become a reality if you do nothing to stop it! Luckily, there are many treatment paths for people who suffer from joint pain, from mild to extremely serious symptoms. Of course, you should always consult a doctor first about any potential medical help, but you should also consider trying some of the following joint pain relief supplements that have been shown to really help with minimal risks.


Perhaps the most popular of the joint pain relief supplements, glucosamine is actually produced by your body so it is totally safe. The issue arises when you age, as that is when glucosamine production will steadily go down, which is also when your body needs it most. Glucosamine can help repair and strengthen the joints, particularly any cartilage, and keep you feeling better for longer. It is not immediate pain relief, but rather a supplement that, through regular usage, will help keep your body feeling good as well as repairing damage as best as it can. 


Boswellia is another joint pain relief supplement that also doubles as an anti-inflammatory. It, much like glucosamine, can help with chronic joint issues such as arthritis, but its reach also goes a lot further and it is sometimes used for conditions like asthma. It is very effective when taking regularly, but if you are on any current medications you should talk to your doctor before you start using boswellia as although it is not dangerous, it can skew the other anti-inflammatories and cause them to be less effective than they should be.

Fish Oil

Fish oil has long been one of the most popular supplements in the world and for good reason. The omega 3 acids in fish oil are very sought after and can provide more immediate pain relief for those suffering from joint pain, especially when taken regularly. The problem is that fish oils sometimes do not always work for a particular type of joint pain. The best way to find out if fish oil supplements will work for you is to talk to an expert in supplements or your primary care doctor who is always a great person to talk about any supplements you might want to try out!

For more information, contact a joint pain relief supplement supplier.