Top Tips When Choosing a Wedding Caterer

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Top Tips When Choosing a Wedding Caterer

15 January 2020
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Food is an essential aspect of every wedding. Truth be told, it may be the only memory some guests will have of your wedding. So, how can you plan wedding catering? Below are a few tips.

Work With a Reputable Caterer

There are many catering companies in Australia. So, how do you choose your wedding caterer? Below are a few tips. 

  1. The caterer should have adequate experience. Ask for his or her portfolio and interview previous clients.
  2. Does the caterer have sufficient resources? You should ask about his or her staff, finances and cooking equipment.
  3. Examine the caterer's specialisation. For instance, can he or she cook traditional or foreign dishes?
  4. Ask the caterer to take you to one of his or her events. Examine the level of organisation, quality of food and the opinion of the guests.
  5. The caterer should be reasonably priced. Check the terms and conditions of the contract. For instance, what extra charges will you incur? How much deposit should you pay? Are you allowed to terminate the agreement?

Menu Planning

What will you serve your guests? Consider a variety of dishes to give your guests the freedom of choice. For instance, you could have beans, meats, dairy products and eggs for proteins. Think about special needs. For example, are some of your guests on vegetarian or diabetic diets?

What kind of drinks will you serve at the event? Other than soft drinks, consider some light cocktails. It is a sure way to prevent incidents of drunk guests. 


Your caterer should offer a menu tasting. This is an opportunity to examine the foods he or she will cook at your event. Ask a few friends to accompany you to the tasting. Discuss what changes you would want the caterer to make. For instance, is the food too hot? What spices do you want the caterer to add? Are the portions enough? How would you rate the plating? Create a questionnaire to ensure each person gives an honest opinion about the food.


The caterer should visit the event grounds a few days before the wedding day. He or she should determine the best place to set the serving stations. Additionally, the caterer should evaluate the need for a backup power source and a tent. Moreover, provide the caterer with the event program to ensure foods are prepared on time.  

When choosing a wedding caterer, examine his or her reputation, decide on a menu, ask for a tasting and evaluate the caterer's execution skills.